Patient Charter of Rights

Welcome to Moviliti Dental Care

Moviliti Dental Care will always endeavour to provide as much information as possible of our Patients treatment journey.  Part of providing this information to patients/carers/family is providing our Patient Charter of Rights.

Mission Statement

“To provide affordable comfortable and high-quality dental care to Residents within Facility Care,
and to promote the awareness of oral health.”

We encourage compassion, respect, honesty and openness in the workplace to create a sense of empowerment for people to use their knowledge, skills and experience to provide the best possible care and communication to patients, families and facilities.

We realise that in order to do this we must:

  • Ensure that each patient’s emotional and physical needs are our number one priority
  • Treat our Patients/Families and Facilities with the utmost respect, dignity and concern
  • We will be clear in communications with the Patients, Families and Facilities regarding treatment, appointments and education
  • We will continue to enhance our own development through continuing education and working as a Team.
Moviliti Dental Care will communicate with you by a variety of ways:
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Post
  • Combination of any of the above to be able to communicate regarding the Patient’s needs

Moviliti Dental Care aims to provide Patients with appointments that meet their treatment needs.  Our booking team will coordinate with the Patient, Family and Facility to arrange a suitable appointment time.  Moviliti Dental Care will contact the Patient, Family and Facility to confirm their scheduled appointment.

In the event that we are unable to accommodate a patient’s request for an appointment at a specific time or date, consultation with our Clinical Team will be sought.


Moviliti Dental Care aims to provide appropriate dental services in a safe, secure and supportive environment within each Facility.  We encourage our Staff/Patient’s/Family to raise any concerns they may have. If a concern is raised, all our Staff and management are required to address the concern as soon as possible. Our Clinical Team obtain a full comprehensive medical history from the Facility for each of our Patients, from there they are able to identify any circumstances that may increase the risks associated with dental care. Moviliti Dental Care works in a multi-disciplinary approach, working closely with the doctor, registered nurse, carers and family to plan and provide safe and appropriate treatment.

Open Disclosure:

Moviliti Dental Care’s Open Disclosure Process aligns with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare’s, Open Disclosure Framework, as outlined below:

  • Act immediately to rectify an incident/problem, if possible, including seeking any necessary help and advice
  • Explain the incident/problem to the patient, in sufficient detail, so the patient understands what has occurred, including the anticipated short-term and long-term consequences
  • Acknowledge any patient distress and provide appropriate support
  • Develop a future management plan for the patient if required
  • Ensure that the patient has access to information about the process for making a complaint

Sufficient detail is to be recorded in the patient’s records to reflect the information provided to the patient about the incident/problem, associated risks and likely consequences. Moviliti Dental Care will provide the patient, family and facility information of the recorded incident/problem.

Communication and Decision Making:

Moviliti Dental Care respects the patients right to receive adequate information to make informed decisions regarding their health and healthcare. Consequently, all members of our Team will continually demonstrate a commitment to providing patients, families and facilities with accessible and understandable information about their treatment and treatment options, including cost, proposed medications and risks involved. This will also include maintaining suitable recorded evidence that patients and families are fully informed about their proposed treatment and have been a partner in the development of the treatment plan.

We do expect patients/families to actively participate in decisions and choices about their treatment and dental needs. For extensive treatment plans we also encourage the involvement of the patient, family, carer and GP in the decision making process.


Moviliti Dental Care values all patients as unique individuals. We will, at all times provide dental treatment in a manner that is respectful of cultures, beliefs, values and personal characteristics. Patients/families and facilities are asked to reciprocate this respect by being mindful of staff at Moviliti Dental Care.

Informed Consent Process:

Moviliti Dental Care will provide an initial examination consent form to be completed for the initial appointment to occur. Any subsequent treatment shall require the patient/family/carer to make an informed decision and expressly consent to the treatment either verbally or in writing, depending on the procedure and associated risks.

The Patient/Family/Carer will be:

  • Told (or receive information in some other way) what procedure is being proposed and all costs associated with
  • Told (or receive information in some other way) about the possible risks and benefits of the treatment in a form or manner they can understand
  • Informed of the risks and benefits of all options
  • Afforded the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers that meet with their satisfaction
  • Afforded sufficient time (if needed) to discuss the plan with their family, carer or advisor, especially for complex treatment plans
  • Fully informed of, and comprehending, the cost of treatment
  • Able to use the information provided to them to help them make a decision they believe is in their best interest

Moviliti Dental Care shall take into account additional considerations regarding guardianship arrangements for consent matters when dealing with vulnerable patients.

Sufficient details to be recorded in patient records to reflect the information provided to the patient associated with their treatment options and the treatment plan, which is ultimately agreed upon.

All informed consent documentation is reviewed at regular intervals and any updates to these documents are designed to improve patient/family understanding and the quality of care provided.


Moviliti Dental Care is required to protect and keep a Patients information, including health information secure. To achieve this, we are committed to complying with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 and the Dental Board of Australia’s code of Conduct for Registered Health Practitioners when we collect personal information.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

  • All information collected will be used for the purpose of providing treatment. Personal information such as name, address and health insurance details will be used for the purpose of addressing accounts to the patient, as well as processing payments and communicating to the patient/family/facility about any issues affecting their treatment.
  • We may disclose a patient’s health information to other health care professionals, or require it from them if, in our judgement, it is necessary in the context of the patient’s treatment. In this event, disclosure of personal information will be minimised wherever possible.
  • We may also use parts of a patient’s health information for research purposes, in study groups or at seminars as this may provide benefit to other patients. Should that happen a patient’s personal identity would not be disclosed without the consent to do so.
  • Patient history, treatment records, x-rays and any other material relevant to treatment will be kept and remain in a secure environment.